5 Steps To Success In Business

Five might be your lucky number! Imagine with the enormous provisions there are in the learning of business laws, there are only five things that you should focus on in your quest to succeed in business.

  1. Be credible. In business, you cannot shield yourself from the dirty and filthy doings of money mongrels. Thus it is significant that you maintain your credibility at its highest. Remember that maintaining your work ethics is more important than any amount of money that will be offered to you.
  2. Be updated. Change is a flow of business and it is important that you follow the thread of water in the industry so that you can continuously modify and transform with it.
  3. Be change-accommodating. Capitalize your business on the current trend and developments of the business industry. Successful businesses recognize change and accommodate it into their system. Be static and you won’t go any further in business.
  4. Be dedicated. Setting up business is not at all easy. It requires you to stand up and believe in yourself. It demands your dedication to the business. Stay intact this dedication and surely you can climb up the ladder of success.
  5. Be positive. The most important of all is to sustain a positive, fun and exciting attitude towards your business. Doing this shall keep you interested and motivated in your business endeavors. Inspiration and motivation are the keys to keep you hyped in managing and leading your business into success.

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Primary considerations to avoid litigation

You cannot really avoid business law problems. Thus it is imperative that you are basically knowledgeable of legal provisions and that you hire the service of a good legal counsel.

Let us expound on these two general pieces of advice.

Once you set up your business, make sure that you hire a good legal counsel. For small scale enterprises, you just have to seek their legal opinions so you need not to worry on large fees. You have to look for a lawyer that specializes on business law specifically on deals, employees’ and consumers’ protection. Seek a legal counsel that has a reputation and has been in practice.

After these, all your documentations regarding and concerning your business shall be legalized, notarized and validated. Refrain from spoken contracts; make it a habit to put everything on paper.

Outline your employees’ rulebooks in accordance to the legal provision of business law. This makes your manuals operating under the confines of the law. You can prevent criticisms, allegations and complaints from any employees who might maliciously filed a suit against your business. You can therefore expect effective and efficient implementation of your preferred business procedures and guidelines.

Ignorance of the law excuses no one. This makes you responsible and answerable to your every action, no premise provided. Thus it is primal that you knew at least the basic business law or if you can master it, do so, as it will serve you the most.

Make sure that there are separation between your personal estate and the company’s assets. You can do this by making your business a limited liability company (LLC). As owners, this will be a guarantee that in case of the unexpected, like criminal liability, you can guard your personal estate and you can limit the damage within the bounds of your business.

If you share business with partners, draw a clear line on the sharing of losses and profits. Make the agreement it in black and white document. Determination of the slice of the cake can be based on the amount of capital invested—doing this will prevent future complications that might arise to bigger legal problems.

These are just some of the expounded recommendations that you can keep an eye on so you can avoid litigation and law suits to an extent that might even cause the foreclosure of your business.

Indeed, understanding of the business law and hiring of a good legal counsel is such an advantage for you and to your business.

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Business Law Defined

Business Law is a statutory that provides the legal remedies and procedures administered in the business industry. This is a provision covering but not limiting to trade in the seas, imports and exports of goods and services, commerce-related calamities and catastrophes, commercial sovereignty of the people, and the likes. Jurisdiction dictates the type of business law provisions that would be implemented—either it be via the state or by the country. International codes are respected as boundaries so that the equal distribution of economic power is not abused.

There are different practices of business law. Some countries follow on their commercial statutes wherein the congress has the sole power of administering the industry. United States on the other hand encourages the formation of unions in effect of the commercial code that is employed by the country.

Business law has its general and specific provision that caters to almost every aspect of the commercial industry. One of the branches of business law is the advertising law—a protection and shield for consumers to bogus product offerings that are commercialized. Another is the employment and labor law where employees’ health care, wages and compensation and welfare and safety are strictly monitored and observed. One aspect of business law also provides for the protection of businesses in terms of competition in the market, aggravation from competitors and leverage in the market. Online businesses as well are covered by the business law in terms of privacy, security and copyright. Environmental concerns are also specified therein regarding the regulatory procedures that should be observed by businesses.

Knowing these facets of the business law is your primal obligation before putting up your business. To prevent litigations and complaints, it is precedence that you strongly grasp the laws of business. It would greatly affect your management capabilities and your decision making capacities that is pivotal to the success of your business endeavor.

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Business Law an Essential Tool

There are various things that you may want to know in your entry to the business industry. And one of these things is the legal aspect of your business. You need not to learn the complexities and technicalities of business law; you just have to recognize important aspects of it. Knowing the most essential laws about business is an effective tool that you can be equipped in your entering and maintaining a position in the business industry.

The first thing that you may want to know is the type of business enterprise. Are you going to start up a store? Will you be providing services? Do you intend to create an advocacy related enterprise? Or are you dealing with selling stocks? There are a lot and wide selection of types of business that you can venture on indeed.

The second thing that you should know is your business organization. There are types of business organization that you may want to adapt if you are constructing your organization. You can either go on as sole proprietor. You can partner with a friend or a group of friends. You can share with a cooperative or you can create your own corporation.

With all these knowledge in starting up your business enterprise, the business law comes into play. Major categories of business law to which your business will fall is an important legal aspect that you should be equipped of when you already know the type of business you will venture in and the type of organization you will employ, is the. Business laws categories are business formation laws, tax law, employment law, trademark and patent laws, environmental laws and consumers protection laws.

These are the general categories of business law that you should be knowledgeable of.

Business formation law shall aid you and serve as your guidelines in running the enterprise if for instant you decided to go on the sole proprietorship business organization.

Tax law shall assist you in this meticulous task of filing of returns, knowledge on sales taxes and other levying obligations of your business to the state.

Employment laws shall be a handbook for you in drafting the employee compensation plans, benefits and other workers related concerns such as the hiring procedure and retirement processes.

Environment laws shall guide you of legal ethics in treating the environment especially if your business is related to manufacturing and production facilities.

And consumer protection laws shall relief you of the legal provisions on how you should treat your clients.

As enterprise owner, knowledge and comfortable expertise and command of the business law is an essential tool for the success of the business you will create.

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Styles of a Great Trial Lawyer

In court trials, there are various types of individuality that you will encounter. The most famous of the characters there in is the trial lawyer. Every now and then, you will see how these trial lawyers are portrayed in films and in theaters as the despicable and atrocious attorneys dressed up in their coats and tie confidently defending their cases inside the courtroom and in front of the judge and of the jury.

But in reality, trial lawyers are not monotonously the mean bastard portrayed in film that are only in for the money. Trial lawyers have a variety and a wide array of style in court. And these own and unique style is accompanied with a deliverable not guilty verdict for their client whether they are highly paid or whether they are just in a pro bono case. This article tackles on three styles exhibited by trial lawyers—perceived by the legal community as styles of a great trial lawyer.

  • The Humble. A style of a trial lawyer that enables him to win over cases because of his extraordinary traditional and simple approach inside the court room. His unpretentious attitude towards his clients and his witness as well as the prosecutions witness makes him stand out from the pool of his proud and conceited contemporaries. Unlike other trial lawyers who pushed and intimidated witnesses over cross examinations, this trial lawyer just pursue on the witness and unconsciously lead him or her to his own denial and dismissal of the charge. A trial lawyer that is modest but deadly. You can never judge this lawyer’s self-effacing and unassuming guise because he can make or break a trial law suit.
  • The Mastermind. A style of trial lawyer that is almost alike with The Humble, only this trial lawyer plays around with the witnesses in defending and winning his case. He has this twisted mind of luring his witnesses into his trap. If you hire the service of this trial lawyer you will be assured of a mind breaking tactics and techniques in order to deliver a not guilty verdict. He is known to turn around odds in his favor and shot the witnesses’ credibility over cross examinations. Until the time comes that there is no other way out for the witness, check mate.
  • The Entertainer. A style that would awe you at the instant. This trial lawyer knows how to dress for the part. He is similar to the Humble and The Mastermind type of trial lawyer, only he has dramatic touché. If you want a show off inside the court room, this type of trial lawyer is your call. He knows how to deliver striking phrases and factual legal provisions at a great timing. He has cool mastery over the techniques used to control the emotions of everyone including the jury. He has a good command over speeches and dialogues. An excellent communicator that can communicate you a not guilty verdict.
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Lawyer Richard Marcus - attorney at law

by Lawyer Richard A. Marcus, Esq.

Source:  http://www.affordablelaw.com/index.php/articles/family-law/73

Divorce in general is a state law issue. Not surprisingly, each state has its own laws regulating divorce. We live in a highly mobile society and it is very easy for people to move from state to state. It is not uncommon for parents and their children to move from state to state. A child may be born in New York and move to California with one of his parents before any divorce action is ever started. A lot of the time, one parent will move out of state and then seek to bring divorce proceedings entailing custody. In such a case, a question will often arise as to where the divorce action should be filed and in legal terms, which court has jurisdiction over the custody issues.

In an attempt to minimize the possibility of inconsistent rulings amongst the various state courts, a uniform act was drafted by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law in 1997. Since then, it has been adopted by 48 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and the Virgin Islands. That act is called The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, or “UCCJEA.” Massachusetts and Vermont are the only two states that have not adopted the UCCJEA.

The UCCJEA vests “exclusive [and] continuing jurisdiction” for child custody litigation in the courts of the child’s “home state,” which is defined as the state where the child has lived with a parent for six consecutive months prior to the commencement of the proceeding (or since birth for children younger than six months).

The UCCJEA provides uniform rules for the courts to consider so that at least in theory, only one court is making custody orders. In practice however, custody proceedings may be pending in two different states at the same time, or even two different counties within the State of California.

Problems arise because the UCCJEA permits a state which does not otherwise have jurisdiction to enter a temporary emergency order, if the child is in danger and needs immediate protection. After issuing such order, the state court is supposed to determine if there is an existing custody order from another state in effect. If there is an existing order, the emergency court must allow a reasonable time period for the parties to return to the state having jurisdiction, and argue the issues to the court with jurisdiction.

If there is no previous child custody order in existence, the emergency court’s order will remain in effect until a determination is made in a court having “home state” jurisdiction over the child. If no determination is made, and the emergency court’s state becomes the home state of the child, the emergency order becomes a final determination of custody. Courts are supposed to cooperate so that even if two proceedings are pending, only one court will wind up making custody order determinations.

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