Styles of a Great Trial Lawyer

In court trials, there are various types of individuality that you will encounter. The most famous of the characters there in is the trial lawyer. Every now and then, you will see how these trial lawyers are portrayed in films and in theaters as the despicable and atrocious attorneys dressed up in their coats and tie confidently defending their cases inside the courtroom and in front of the judge and of the jury.

But in reality, trial lawyers are not monotonously the mean bastard portrayed in film that are only in for the money. Trial lawyers have a variety and a wide array of style in court. And these own and unique style is accompanied with a deliverable not guilty verdict for their client whether they are highly paid or whether they are just in a pro bono case. This article tackles on three styles exhibited by trial lawyers—perceived by the legal community as styles of a great trial lawyer.

  • The Humble. A style of a trial lawyer that enables him to win over cases because of his extraordinary traditional and simple approach inside the court room. His unpretentious attitude towards his clients and his witness as well as the prosecutions witness makes him stand out from the pool of his proud and conceited contemporaries. Unlike other trial lawyers who pushed and intimidated witnesses over cross examinations, this trial lawyer just pursue on the witness and unconsciously lead him or her to his own denial and dismissal of the charge. A trial lawyer that is modest but deadly. You can never judge this lawyer’s self-effacing and unassuming guise because he can make or break a trial law suit.
  • The Mastermind. A style of trial lawyer that is almost alike with The Humble, only this trial lawyer plays around with the witnesses in defending and winning his case. He has this twisted mind of luring his witnesses into his trap. If you hire the service of this trial lawyer you will be assured of a mind breaking tactics and techniques in order to deliver a not guilty verdict. He is known to turn around odds in his favor and shot the witnesses’ credibility over cross examinations. Until the time comes that there is no other way out for the witness, check mate.
  • The Entertainer. A style that would awe you at the instant. This trial lawyer knows how to dress for the part. He is similar to the Humble and The Mastermind type of trial lawyer, only he has dramatic touché. If you want a show off inside the court room, this type of trial lawyer is your call. He knows how to deliver striking phrases and factual legal provisions at a great timing. He has cool mastery over the techniques used to control the emotions of everyone including the jury. He has a good command over speeches and dialogues. An excellent communicator that can communicate you a not guilty verdict.
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